Custom Functions

These are custom functions that you can add to your server. They’re functions that we’ve created that you might find useful. At this point most of them are very simple functions and you might think that it would be easier to build these formulae into your SQL statements without using stored functions on your server. You may be right. But, at a minimum, these functions are useful in illustrating how stored functions may be created. They may inspire you to create your own functions: if you do, please email them to us so that we may add them here to share with others.


Date & Time

These custom functions are primarily related to date and time values.

Numeric & Mathematical

These custom functions are related to numeric values or mathematical calculations in general.


These custom functions are ones that may be used in the financial industry.

Measurement Conversion

For converting measures such as from meters to feet, Celsius to Fahrenheit, check out these functions.