MySQL Daemons

These are daemons which run on MySQL, they are MySQL and related daemons.

mysqld Server

When mysqld is started, various options can be used to alter the server's behavior. Although you need not know all of the server options available or use them--quite often the default settings are fine--as a database administrator, it's useful to know what options exist for various categories that are related to your situation.


Use this to run multiple MySQL servers on different socket files and ports.


Use mysqld_safe to start the MySQL server and to restart it automatically if it dies unexpectedly. Although options may be entered from the command-line, to ensure that any options that are to be passed to the daemon are used when it's reloaded after a crash, they should be included in the options file (e.g., my.cnf or my.ini, depending on your system). There are just a few options relative to the mysqld_safe script.