This MySQL function returns the hour for a DATETIME or TIME column.


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This function returns the hour for the time given. For columns containing the time of day (e.g., DATETIME), the range of results will be from 0 to 23. For TIME data type columns that contain data not restricted to day limits, this function may return values greater than 23.

SELECT appt_id, appointment, 
HOUR(appointment) AS 'Hour of Appointment'
FROM appointments
WHERE client_id = '3992'
AND appointment > CURDATE( );

| appt_id | appointment         | Hour of Appointment |
| 8393    | 2008-03-15 13:00:00 |                  13 | 

This statement is selecting the upcoming appointment for a particular client. The hour is returned in military time (i.e., 13 is 1 p.m.).