This MySQL function returns the day of the month for the date given.


Below is the syntax for this command. Text within square brackets (i.e, [ and ] ) are optional. Choices are separated by bars (i.e, | ). Ellipses preceded by a comma indicates a repeating pattern. Ellipses before or after syntax are used to highlight a relevant except from the larger syntax. Text displayed in italic letters represent text that should be replaced with the specific names related to the database (e.g., column with the name of the column).



This function returns the day of the month for the date given. If the day for the date is beyond the end of the month (e.g., '2008-02-30') the function returns NULL along with a warning that can be retrieved with SHOW WARNINGS.


SELECT DAYOFMONTH('2008-02-28') AS 'A Good Day',
DAYOFMONTH('2008-02-30') AS 'A Bad Day';

| A Good Day | A Bad Day |
|         28 |      NULL | 
1 row in set, 1 warning (0.00 sec)


| Level   | Code | Message                                          |
| Warning | 1292 | Truncated incorrect datetime value: '2008-02-30' | 

Prior to MySQL version 5.0.2, invalid dates such as this were permitted. The function would have returned 30 for a value of '2008-02-30'. If you wish to allow them, start your server with this line in your options file: