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Books about Perl & MySQL

These books are either primarily about developing with Perl and MySQL, or have a section on Perl. This would typically include text on Perl DBI.

Programming the Perl DBI

  • author: Tim Bunce, Alligator Descartes
  • edition: 1
  • publisher: O'Reilly Media
  • list price: $39.99
  • price: $32.76
  • year: 2000
  • pages: 366
  • isbn: 9781565926998
  • overall rating:
  • skill level:
  • technical level:

Programming the Perl DBI is coauthored by Alligator Descartes, one of the most active members of the DBI community, and by Tim Bunce, the inventor of DBI. For the uninitiated, the book explains the architecture of DBI and shows you how to write DBI-based programs. For the experienced DBI dabbler, this book reveals DBI's nuances and the peculiarities of each individual DBD.

MySQL and Perl for the Web

  • author: Paul DuBois
  • edition: 1
  • publisher: Sams Publishing
  • list price: $44.99
  • price: $42.23
  • year: 2001
  • pages: 552
  • isbn: 9780735710542

MySQL and Perl for the Web provides a much-needed handbook for database and Web developers seeking an extensive and detailed guide for using the combination of MySQL and Perl to build dynamic and interactive database-backed Web sites. It shows how to use Perl's DBI database access module, pairing it with with the module that allows Web pages and forms to be generated and processed easily. These tools provide developers with a solid foundation for creating applications that incorporate database content to create dynamic, up-to-date Web sites.