MySQL Related Books

In this section you can find some good books on MySQL. As a general policy, we don’t list any books that we don’t think are worth owning. We don’t believe in negative book reviews: just because we don’t like a book doesn’t mean that someone won’t appreciate it. Our book recommendations are grouped by the type of book and topic. This should make it easier for you to find a book suitable to your needs. Click on the heading for the section in which you’re interested and you’ll be shown a list of recommended books.

These are books are about MySQL in general, without any special focus. Some are reference books and others are strictly tutorials, while others are both.

These books are tutorials about MySQL. They’re about MySQL in general and not about a specific aspect of MySQL. You would read these books from beginning to end. They're not primarily reference books, but you could refer to them later.

The books in this category are probably in other categories. They explain how to use MySQL as a database for web sites. To do this, one would generally use an language like PHP or Perl as the interface.

These are books related to performance tuning and maintaining a high availability of MySQL service. This includes MySQL Cluster and Replication books.

These books are either primarily about developing with Perl and MySQL, or have a section on Perl. This would typically include text on Perl DBI.

These books are mostly about developing with PHP and MySQL. They also include some books that have a good PHP section related to MySQL.

These books are specialty books related to MySQL for which there may be only one book published in its category (e.g., certification study guide). Until we have more of the same kind, we’re putting them here.