Welcome to MySQueaL Resources. Here you'll find information to help you learn more about developing and administering with the open-source database, MySQL. We have our own documentation, as well as tutorials on using MySQL. You'll also find a list of recommended books on MySQL for when you want a hard-copy of text on MySQL that you can easily annotate. We also provide notices of upcoming events and links to web sites of MySQL User Groups so that you can meet others working with this fabulous software.

Russian Translation

In addition to the Italian translation of this site, we’re working on a Russian translation. Russia is an economically, rapidly growing country. This site has received a large number of visitors from Russia. Additionally, many of the best programmers and MySQL developers come from Russia. The books of the principal owner of this site have been translated into a few languages (German, Japanese, Chinese, and Polish), but not Russian. He would like a Russian translation, as well.

We have contracted a woman living in Italy to translate this site to Russian. She has started to translating the text in March of this year. A sub-domain for the Russian translations of the site has been created (i.e., http://ru.mysqlresources.com), but she has started only recently. So there isn’t much to see yet. When she has completed that project, the owner intends to have her translate all of his books on MySQL into Russian.

Italian Translation

Since the principal owner of this site lives in Milan, Italy, we've decided to translate it to Italian. It will be some time until it's completed. If you want to see the progress, go to http://it.mysqlresources.com. To get back to English only, delete the sub-domain prefix of "it" or change it to "en". When most of the site is translated into Italian, we'll provide a link at the top of each page to switch between languages.

Our main reason for translating the site into Italian is because the owner is preparing to write an Italian translation of his primary book on MySQL (i.e., MySQL in a Nutshell). This will be published by a publisher in Milan who buys the Italian language copyrights of books from O'Reilly Media. Translating this site is good practice for that project. If you know Italian well, please let us know of any translation mistakes. There will be many in the beginning and the owner would like to correct them and improve his skills here.

Looking for Writers

We have a batch of articles on using MySQL. However, we'd like plenty more to add to our collection. If you have an article that you've written and would be willing to let us put it on our site, please email us at the address at the bottom of the page. If you've been wanting to try your hand at writing articles for your own personal satisfaction, for notoriety, or to enhance your resumé, here's your chance. Click on the tutorials tab at the top of the page and look over our list of articles to see what topics you think that we're missing. Then email us with your idea and, if you like, we'll give you some suggestions on how to write an article.

Custom Functions

If you discover that you’ve been looking for a MySQL function that doesn’t exit, check out custom function listing: we may have created what you need. Just click on the udf link at the top of any page on this site. If you don’t find what you need, you can always use one of ours as an example of how to create your own. If you do that, please email us your function so we may add it to our list for everyone to enjoy.